Workplace Wellness with


Studies show that yoga, including laughter yoga, and meditation measurably increase happiness:  


Happy employees are more productive


Happy people make more money


Saved for every $1 spent on workplace wellness programs


Worker's comp & disability claims reduction


Reduction in sick leave


Reduction in health costs

Add Yoga and Meditation to your Workplace and Watch What Happens

Connect with a proven way of experiencing the empowering, focusing, and motivating aspects of hatha yoga and intentional laughter. This is the perfect team building exercise that combines basic yogic poses and deep breathing with laughter exercises to strengthen your immune system and unwind the negative effects of stress, making you feel stronger, happier,  more energetic, and more productive!

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10 Week Program

10 weeks of 50 minute blend of hatha yoga and  intentional laughter based sessions that include positive affirmations, team building exercises, and a meditation practice.

6 Week Program

Same as the 10-week program, just a shorter time frame.

One-time Workshop

Great for a team building workshop or adding some fun to your workday! Includes a brief presentation on the benefits of intentional laughter (many!), a 50-minute minimum (let me know if you are looking for something more!) blend of laughter and hatha based  yoga session that includes positive affirmations, team building exercises, and a meditation practice.

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