One-on-One VIP Day

Do you like the sound of the Healthy Lifestyle Mentoring Program but without 6-week commitment?

Are you self-driven and can be easily motivated with the right focus and goals?  Or, maybe, you just want to brush up on a couple of things or get really intense on a certain health related topic - such as stress reduction through supplements, working with essential oils, yoga, meditation and deep breathing.

Then a VIP Intensive Session is what you are looking for!

Intensives are 4 hours long (don't worry, there are breaks!) and are held via Zoom. 

We will find out where you are, through a FREE 15 minute Zoom consult, and when we are done with your VIP Day, you will have what it takes to SMILE again. Plus, we'll incorporate some Yoga and meditation into the session to make you feel AMAZING!

A VIP day is $750.

Does this sound enticing but you have a few questions?  Absolutely send me that email! A VIP Day is a lot like the Healthy Lifestyle Mentoring Program but super condensed into 4 hours and we will focus on whatever you feel you want to address.