The Importance of a Positive Mindset

October 17, 2017


Yes, the way you think has a number of direct effects on other areas in your life. If you know that you tend to look at the cup as half empty, changing your mindset is a worthwhile goal. Better stress management, improved health, stronger relationships and increased career success are just a few of the numerous ways your life can be better through a shift in thinking. Let’s take a look at the importance of a positive mindset, along with ways to cultivate positive thinking. 


Positive Thinking and Self-Talk


Positive thinking involves looking at life’s setbacks in a more proactive manner. By focusing on possibilities and solutions instead of everything that’s wrong, you’re more likely to generate productive thoughts around the situation. Our self-talk is comprised of the automatic thoughts that run through our heads when presented with a problem or complex situation. These thoughts are usually skewed in either a positive or negative direction, and they have a powerful influence on the way you feel about yourself, a situation or life in general. Because these thoughts are so automatic, they often tend to arise from past experiences, preconceived notions or lack of information. More positive thoughts can be generated through research, inquiry or purposeful contemplation. Interrupting your automatic self-talk lets you discover information or consider more realistic views of a problem that can lead to affirmative beliefs needed to develop practical solutions. This process is known as re-framing negative self-talk, and it’s relevant to your outlook on life. 


Benefits of a Positive Mindset


People enjoy being near people who are upbeat. You may be surprised how your social opportunities increase with a shift in your thinking. Your relationships are likely to improve as you start to frame issues in a positive light. It’s easier to work through misunderstandings when you approach them proactively. It’s this same principle in action when it comes to stress. Worrying and constantly thinking about the bad things is the root of stress. Simply by turning your thoughts in a different direction, you’ll be eliminating your primary sources of stress. And this can lead to improved physical and mental health. By feeling more in control of your stressors, your anxiety will likely lessen.  It can even have an impact on lowering depression. You’ll feel decreased muscle tension and enhanced concentration. Positive thinking can also affect cardiovascular health and overall lifespan. 


Essential Oils Can Help


Our brains are very responsive to smells.  A sniff of warm cookies can immediately bring to mind happy memories of childhood.  My daughter associates musty basements with love and comfort from a favorite grandparent's house.  Essential oils can help shift and ease difficult or unsettling feelings when you find it challenging to just "switch your brain" to a more positive state.  To learn more about Essential Oils and Emotions, check out this free course at

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