Keep Your Eyes Open – Creative Solutions Are Everywhere

August 9, 2017


As you start to become a little more aware of creative thinking and creative solutions and start to do a little more of it yourself, you’ll start to notice things here and there that you can use and implement. It’s a pretty amazing feeling and, of course, quite helpful when you need an out-of-the-box solution. It’s a skill that will come to you eventually, but why not speed things up a little bit by keeping an eye out for creative solutions. They really are everywhere.


I’m an online business owner and marketer; so naturally, I’m always looking for new and creative ways to share content and present offers. I’m also a shopper or consumer. Some of the things I buy are very specific like supplies for my favorite hobby. Then there’s the everyday stuff like groceries, clothing, and once in awhile, purchases like a new car or washing machine. You get the idea. We all buy a lot of different things and, as a result, we’re bombarded through various advertising, emails, newsletter, magazines, social media posts, and the likes to buy the latest and greatest product.


Since I am also a marketer and always looking for fresh and creative ideas for my business, I started paying attention to what offers grab my attention. What emails am I opening? What Facebook or YouTube video has me go out and look for a product? What makes me laugh or sit up and pay attention? Those are the creative solutions out there that catch my eye.


Often it’s something that has no direct or obvious place in what I do with my business. It could be a tool, crafting supplies, some fun clothes (I like SnorgTees because they are super fun and creative!) , an interesting offer for some books or magazines, or even a great spin on my weekly grocery advertisement. Something will catch my eye and I figure out how to include it in my own marketing.


Let me give you an example. I love to do challenges. I have a bit of a competitive side and I find challenges are a healthy way to channel that drive and energy.  Sometimes I have two or three going on at once.  Recently, I started 30 day yoga challenge with my gym,  I am writing this unofficial 30 day creativity challenge, and I am in a 365 day meditation challenge with Insight Timer.  I have to say, with all of that inner yumminess circulating (not at all obvious), my creative and intuitive juices have been flowing which has inspired me and motivated me organize my coaching files and information.  That in turn, inspired a new information product and coaching program about healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle.


Creative ideas and solutions are everywhere around you. Start to look for them and find a way to incorporate them into what you do. You don’t have to have your own business to benefit from this. Creative thinking will help you around the house, in your marriage, work, school, and any other aspect of your life. Go out there and get creative.

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