Reflect On How Far You’ve Come

July 14, 2017



I hope you’ve enjoyed this 30 part series of building courage and increasing self-confidence as much as I have. More importantly I hope you’ve learned a thing or two and started to put this knowledge into action. The confidence hacks are always a great place to start, but all the knowledge I shared over the past month will serve you well over time. 


Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and browse through all the different topics we covered over the past 29 days. Here’s a quick rundown: 

  1. Welcome To 30 Days Of Building Your Courage To Increase Your Self Confidence

  2. The Connection Between Self Confidence And Courage 

  3. Courage Is A Habit 

  4. Start By Looking Back And Seeing How Far You’ve Come 

  5. Pick Something You’re Scared Of And Do It Anyway

  6. Focus On What’s Important To You 

  7. Confidence Hack – Strike A Power Pose 

  8. How Goals Can Help You Boost Your Confidence 

  9. Confidence Hack – Write Those Goals Down And Check Them Off 

  10. Do What You’re Good At And What Makes You Happy On A Regular Basis 

  11. Confidence Hack – Keep a Journal 

  12. Bad Days And Set Backs Are Part Of Life 

  13. Confidence Hack – Do It Anyway 

  14. Time To Talk About Negative Thinking And Negative Self-Talk 

  15. Confidence Hack – Stop Negative Self Talk In Its Track 

  16. Confidence And Courage Are A Balancing Act 

  17. Confidence Hack – “What’s The Worst That Could Happen? 

  18. Put Your Shoes On In The Morning And Other Good Advice On Self Confidence 

  19. Confidence Hack – Sometimes You’ve Got To Fake It 

  20. Let’s Talk About Random Acts Of Kindness

  21. Confidence Hack – Start Volunteering 

  22. Stop Complaining And To Focus On Solutions 

  23. Confidence Hack – Eat That Frog 

  24. The Power Of Being Prepared 

  25. Confidence Hack – Make Yourself A Promise And Keep It 

  26. Let’s Talk Diet, Exercise, and Sleep 

  27. Confidence Hack – Cultivate A New Habit 

  28. Avoiding People, Places, And Situations That Will Bring You Down 

  29. Confidence Hack – Make A List Of Your Strengths, Skills, And Achievements 

What has had the biggest impact on you? What tips and ideas have you found the most helpful? Those are the posts that you want to come back to again and again


Take a few minutes today to reflect on not only how far you’ve come, but more importantly how this simple 30 day challenge has influenced you and changed you for the better. What positive experiences have you had as a result of working on your confidence and courage throughout this month? 

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