Why is Self-Worth So Important?

May 19, 2017


One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is the gift of believing in our inherent worth as a human being. Without a clear appreciation of your own worth, you can’t go forward and touch


others’ lives in a way that will be beneficial to them. Without this critical self-worth, you open yourself up to dangerous toxic relationships and settle for less than you truly deserve in life.


Your view of your own self can be hard to nail down. We are so often concerned with what other people think of us that it can get in the way of truly knowing, and loving, yourself. Many of us live lives based on the acceptance we can garner from others, and our identity is tied into that much too strongly.


Achieving a high level of self-worth, and maintaining it, isn’t always easy. But it is always rewarding. Self-worth can be learned, too, so not to worry if you grew up with less-than-optimal parenting that left your self-worth lacking. It is a daily effort that needs to be made to pinpoint negative thinking, and negative self-talk, and turn that into the positive counterpart.


Self-worth is especially important in relationships. If you don’t value yourself, you will almost always settle for much less than you deserve in a partner, because you can’t imagine meeting your “dream” partner and falling in love with them - or more accurately, you can’t believe they’d ever fall in love with you. This can lead you down a road that is not only unhealthy for you mentally, emotionally, and psychologically, but could end up being dangerous if you meet and fall in love with someone who is especially toxic. We see the tragic result of this every day in the news.


A lack of self-worth can also result in a lack of caring for yourself. When you feel that you lack worth, you will not make sure your needs are met, because you simply don’t feel it is that important. This can cause extreme problems if you are prone to suffering from depression and anxiety, as the negative thinking that seems to go along with a lack of self-worth can start a downward spiral that is especially difficult to pull out of once it begins.


Striving for a healthy level of self-worth will keep you cared for, loved, fulfilled, and protected from inevitable smaller bumps in the road that might otherwise bring you down. A failed business project, a hobby that didn’t turn out as you wished - these are small things overall but can seem like big failures if your self-worth isn’t intact and healthy.


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