Laughter, Play, and Exploding Kittens in Relationships

June 28, 2016



When is the last time you played and had fun?  Not playing to win fun, but playing to enjoy the moment, the actual experience with no attachment to the score or outcome fun? Big difference. Gainful results!


Playing for the sheer fun of it is a great way to build positive experiences in relationships.  It creates warmth,  laughter, joy, relieves stress, and builds connections with others. 


Laughter and play in a relationship goes a long way in helping to diffuse conflicts and disagreements. The perfectly timed joke (not at someone's expense) can help ease a tense moment and a little laughter can be just what is needed to smooth over sensitive issues. The know-how and actual use of the switch to playful and light-hearted from angry and hurtful can make all of the difference in your relationships!  Sure, it can be challenging when one is caught up in a moment. However, that is where the practice of non-competitive play comes in! Remember, non-competitive play is playing for the fun of it -- no score keeping, no "I'm better than you" (no matter what!) -- just good 'ole fun.


Here are three of my favorites:  

Guess What?! is a great game where the other person gets 3 chances to guess your "Guess What?!"  Now, your "Guess What?!" can be anything.  So this comes with a   WARNING - know your audience for not everyone is amused by this.   Okay, two warnings, there is also the inadvertent "Guess What?!" player.  This is when someone asks YOU to Guess What?! but they don't really mean it.  For instance, Guess What?!  Pause.  Then they immediately tell you what! What?!  My advise, take a deep breath and kindly laugh (then immediately see above about using laughter in diffusing conflicts) .   



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