How to Order These Amazing Oils

The VERY best way to order these oils (and the only way I recommend people to do it) is to become a member so you can get WHOLESALE prices.

Why become a doterra member?

  • You’ll get 25% off retail prices - Awesome!

  • It’s like being a member of Costco – you get the oils at wholesale prices

  • You’ll get free oils (they are pretty generous with their bonus gifts when you join their Loyalty Rewards Program and start earning points!)

  • You DON’T need to order every month… (until you find yourself completely loving them and practically addicted, lol!)

  • People love the products SO MUCH that close to 70% re-order!

  • You will be entering into cost-effective savings land even if you only buy two oils a year as a member!

Basically, it’s the only way I recommend people order these oils because it’s a much better deal for you.

How much does it cost to become a wholesale customer?

It costs just a one-time fee of $35 OR you can join with a kit (they start at $150) which waives the joining fee AND gives you incredible savings on oils, too! By joining with a kit you get to experience more oils for less cost than buying them individually - no worries, there are kits to fit your budget and needs.

Even better, by becoming a wholesale customer, you gain access to membership prices all year AND enter into a supportive community of oil enthusiasts to help guide you on your journey to using oils!

Here's How to Order Your Oils

Although the software is pretty user friendly, please do take your time.  Do keep this Enroller Number, 4931657, handy - you will need it to make sure that you are enrolled under me so I can add you to some awesome groups where we talk oils, blends, what's working, and how to grow your business (if you are interested in that).

Let's Get Started!

  • Enter in the required information, language you wish to use and your country.  Then click ===>  Start Shopping!

  • Choose Wellness Advocate.

(This is the best option, Wellness Advocate, for everyone regardless if you want to buy just one or two items a year or start to build your own business).

Enter in your information.

Under the Enter Sponsor ID  section, enter:


as the Enroller ID. My name, Melanie Galioto, will come up.

Now You Get to Select a Product! 

I totally recommend the Home Essentials Kit.  This is the one that I started out with and use something from it everyday. It's a great way to sample their most popular oils and it even has Frankincense! Plus, you are getting a free wholesale membership and an awesome diffuser :)

A helpful suggestion, if you are interested in and committed to  building a business, go for a larger kit. This is the only time you can such big rewards. I should have done this...

Do Have Some Questions?
  • Ask me about the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).

  • Need help enrolling? I can definitely help you!

  • Ask me about building a business.