Success with a SMILE

Healthy Lifestyle Mentoring Program

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and sometimes kind of just don't care?

Are you looking for some helpful guidance and proper motivation and inspiration for creating and living a happier, healthier life?

Do you need a little nudge in making that healthy lifestyle a reality?

Do you need motivation and help in creating a daily routine that gets you results and does not leave you feeling stressed out?

Perhaps you are looking for tried and true strategies on how to live a healthy lifestyle even though you are super busy, over-committed,  a single mom, or the children are your focus instead of yourself.

Do you want to make the necessary changes that lead to transformation but are not clear on where to start?



With living an internet at the ready life, there is so much information to be had these days about living a healthy life, it's hard to know where to start.  That's why I created this healthy lifestyle mentoring package.

I am here to motivate, guide, and inspire you.  A healthy lifestyle isn't just about what you eat or exercise, it's about taking a look at your life as a whole and then taking the necessary steps to make easy and do-able changes, holistically, realistically. By making small changes and creating new, exciting, and healthy habits, you will begin to see that YES YOU CAN live a fulfilling, happy and healthy life.

I've had my share of challenges and deep sadness.  I've been to the point of just not the arena of thriving and wholesome wellness! When I was 32, I lost a baby while I was five months pregnant.  One day you are pregnant, the next day you are not.  It is quite a blow and your body, mind, and spirit needs to process the event - it's hard to adjust when you still look pregnant, you start lactating because your body believes there is a baby to be fed, hormones are running rampant, and all I wanted to do is eat garlic bread and chocolate cake (not at the same time). How do you lose the baby weight when you find yourself feeding your emotions?

During this part of my life I worked in sales.  It was highly stressful and I wasn't really taking care of myself like I was taking care of my daughter (I had my first baby when I was 29) and husband.  Don't get me wrong, I did occasionally make it to the gym but not like I did before a baby. And,  it came to a point where I did not like who I was becoming and needed to make some big changes, especially since I was pregnant again.  So, went to  nutrition school and became a certified health coach in 2008, discovered laughter yoga and became a certified leader in 2008, and committed to my personal yoga and meditation practice.   I was soon on my way to living a happy and healthy life...

Until my husband suddenly died from a heart attack in front of our two daughters, I was 37 at  the time.  You can imagine the shock, grief, terror, and overwhelming sense of WTF just happened and what do I do now that I experienced.  And, I had two little girls to care for.  THANKFULLY, I had my nutrition and health coaching background to use and use it I did! I was able to successfully use supplements to help with emotional eating and stave off depression, I remembered to use my yoga mat to work through grief and to allow my body to work for me by releasing endorphins to feel good, and I practiced laughter yoga to not only create a happy chemistry but to disarm worry and anxiety.  By using these approaches and incorporating additional holistic ones, I can say that I am healthy, strong, and confident in my life and it's come down to being able to implement a lot of little changes over time.  Life is an experiment, some things work, some not so much, but you just don't know until you try. And with a of that trying - I have a great respect for the infinite possibilities and a supreme love of life! I am excited to wake up in the morning and see what is new and good. 

Now I'm living the healthy life while building my digital marketing agency and helping other women entrepreneurs navigate the world of doing and creating and often times forgetting to take care of themselves.  HERES THE THING...when you take care of yourself - body, mind, spirit THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW! 






My friends and family have watched me navigate through my losses and grief along with raising my children.  They have seen me make changes, stay grounded, and blossom. Now they are asking me for advice on what supplements to take, healthy eating, what yoga pose or flow to do to fall asleep faster or help with lower back pain, and I often get, "so what about that prosperity meditation you do??"  My one friend, Sarah, said, "I love how you can stay so Zen amidst the chaos." 

I've done the hard work! That's why I created this program so I could offer to you what I personally know and through research  and experiment so you don't have to. I am here to motivate you, guide you, and support you in making the positive lifestyle changes that I have made myself.  I absolutely know that there is a better, happier, healthier way to live and I'm here to help you on your journey through life, too! YES YOU CAN live a life full of abundance and good health - you deserve it. You just have to reach out and claim it.

Imagine what you life will be like when you:


  •  wake up feeling good and excited about your day!

  • you are able to breathe through the stress and chaos like a zen master and not allow it to bring you to you knees.

  • you are feeding your body with what is right for YOUR body because our needs change as we change.


  • you are feeding your soul and making connections with yourself that you may have forgotten or are inspired to try something brand new!

Imagine how amazing it is going to feel when you are living a life that is happy, full of confidence and, best of all, full of wonderful YOU.







When you invest in yourself and my Healthy Lifestyle Mentoring Program you will receive:

  • 6 - one to one sessions, held online via Zoom, over a maximum of 6 weeks.  We are going for inspiration and momentum! 

  • This includes 1 x 75 minute consultation where we will discuss your health goals.  That way I have a clear picture as to where you are and exactly the kind of transformation that you want.  Plus, 5 x 60 minute sessions with me so we can put it all into motion.

  • We will look at your where you are right now and then look into the areas that you want to improve upon so you can feel courages and confident in making the necessary changes.  

  • We will look at what you do for self-care, your nourishment which includes food choices and patterns and vitamins and supplements, your exercise routine, and your daily routine.  This way we can find simple yet powerful ways to create your transformation into a healthier and happier life.

  • We will build from the SMILE foundation (Sleep, Meditation, Ignite your core, Laughter, Exercise) and then customize to your personal needs.  I can offer suggestions and strategies to help with healthy eating and make supplement suggestions if you need help with food/mood issues, give you inspiring yoga flows or poses to incorporate into your daily routine or we can use the hour for a personal yoga session, maybe we will try some laughter yoga, we will discuss incorporating meditation into your routine and deep breathing exercises, too. All of these modalities will help you deal with stress and breakthrough old patterns that no longer serve you leaving you feeling confident and in control.

  • I will give you suggestions and ideas to implement over a 3-6 week period, depending on how frequent you want to be in touch to help create you new healthy lifestyle.

  • You will have direct email access to me during the course of the program to answer any questions. I am here for you!
















If, like me, you've gotten to that point of where you want to care again and you have had enough of the way things are and you know it's time to make the change.  If you feel that there's something more to be had, you feel something is missing.  If you're ready to increase your energy and improve your focus. If you know you're ready but you need a little help, a boost, some encouragement and accountability, then now's the time.  I am here to guide you and help you navigate your way to finding your abundant, happy, and healthy life.  I know what it feels like to live this way...and I want you to feel the same way, too - EVERY DAY! After all, it's your one life to live and you deserve to live it - happy AND healthy.






which includes:

1 x 75 minute one to one session including initial consultation

5 x 60 minute one to one sessions

Continued email support throughout the program



Does what you just read completely resonate with you and you know in your heart of hearts you are ready to commit to making the changes but you have just a wee question or two? That's perfectly okay! Drop me an email.  I am happy to chat with you through email or we can schedule a call to see if I'm the right fit for you.  As we are all different and at different stages and experiences in our lives,

I want you to be sure that we connect in the way that you want. So, ask away :)