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Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body
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Hi, I'm Melanie Galioto, owner of  Your Smile Yoga.  I have discovered that they way to get ahead in your day is to actually get out of your head and into your body so you can move and shift energy and then go back to your projects with renewed enthusiasm and boundless creativity, energy and focus. 


Here we offer a 20 minute yoga sessions to awaken and engage your physical body with Laughter Yoga! Laughter Yoga works to actively diminish worry and anxiety, wake up your creative self, and build a happy chemistry from within.  All through the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you are with The Laughter Solution or by scheduling a private session

Meditation to Activate Your Inner Guidance System

What if you already knew the answers?  By closing your eyes and going deep into your self, you can tap into your infinite wisdom. Along with connecting to the deepest part of you, meditation is known for calming the mind, increasing brain functions such memory, helps to minimize pain, and helps to regulate emotions. Learn to meditate in the  The Laughter Solution.

Find Success with a SMILE

Your Smile Yoga also offers private health and yoga mentoring. 


Get more with a  SMILE - Sleep, Meditate, Ignite your core, Laugh, and Exercise - with the foundational elements of Your Smile Yoga. By incorporating these 5 things into your daily life, you will find peace and happiness, and success.  

Explore the The Laughter Solution 
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Fall in LOVE with

Essential Oils

Are you already in love with or just curious about essential oils for personal use, or interested in building a business? Either way, Your Smile Yoga  and doTerra has you covered, literally!

Here are some ways we use oils:

  • focus, motivation, passion

  • enhance and deepen your yoga practice

  • daily emotions and mood management for all (yes, even kids!)

  • children’s and adult's immunity

  • peaceful and restful sleep

  • quiet snoring

  • energy levels

  • every health thing that comes up… 99% of the time, our oil box has a solution for it

  • creating non-toxic cleaning products

  • making non-toxic beauty products

  • headaches

  • period pain

  • digestion

  • improving concentration and productivity when working

  • meditation and spiritual practice

  • the list goes on…

Do Schedule a wellness consultation to see how oils can benefit you or take a FREE COURSE at
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